Referrals & Cost at Ian Campbell Psychologist



Your doctor can make a referral to me and create a Medicare Mental Health Plan. If this is done I will Bulk Bill for the first 10 sessions in each calendar year.

Or, if you want to use your private health fund, after your fee is paid you will be able to receive some refund from your insurer. 

In some situations people see me because of a work place or vehicle accident. In these circumstances I will liase with the insurer and receive the referral from them.



If a Medicare Mental Health Plan has been made you are entitled to 10 sessions each calendar year which are rebated at $126.50 per session. 

My fee is $180/session and after the rebate of $126.50, there is a Gap Fee of $53.50. In some situations I will Bulk Bill. 

I am registered with Private Health Funds and your Health Fund will provide the Rebate that is relevant to your policy coverage.